Web Host Reviews

The very best thing about web host reviews is that you don’t have to waste hours researching various hosting companies from scratch. A host review will list all of the pertinent features offered by various hosting service providers. Often, the information is arranged in a helpful graph or chart so you can take in the information at a glance. A new trend for these sites is to display videos that actually walk a customer through the sign up process at the different hosting companies. In this way, a prospective customer can easily see how user friendly the hosting site is to deal with.

Unfortunately, some of these web host reviews are nearly impossible to read. Their homepages are littered with banner ads for the various hosting companies they are reviewing, making it difficult to concentrate on the information at hand. Banner ads advertising the hosting companies are a bad sign on a review site anyway. Since the hosting company is advertising on the review site, just how impartial do you think the reviews really are? Be alert; be cautious; and you can find some truly great hosting companies that offer an excellent value for their services on web host review sites.

Web host reviews written by actual customers of the various hosting companies is especially helpful. If they have had a bad experience with a hosting provider, they will let you know about it. The only downside to this is that you are a lot more likely to hear from a customer that has had a bad experience dealing with a company than you will be to hear from a customer that speaks in glowing terms about the same company.

If you are looking for honest web host reviews and ratings of the top web hosts, then check out the Web Hosting Center. Amazon has shown that user reviews are the best way to find out how good a product or service is. See what others are saying or add your own review if you’d like!

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